[erlang-questions] Artificial Intelligence and Erlang?

Miles Fidelman <>
Mon Apr 30 17:20:37 CEST 2012

Miles Fidelman wrote:
> Yves S. Garret wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a good source on AI and Erlang?  A book would be 
>> awesome!  Most of the sources that I see out there have Lisp as the 
>> functional programming language of choice.  Erlang seems like a 
>> better option given it's nature of distributed nature and ability to 
>> place a ton of processes in less space.
> Not Erlang per se, but Erlang is really an implementation of the Actor 
> formalism.  You'll find a lot if you google on things like:
> "actor model"
> "actor formalism"
> planner (the computer language)
> "Carl Hewitt" - the father of the actor formalism
> be warned, if you google on "artifical intelligence" + actors - you'll 
> get lots of pages on A.I. the movie :-)

Should have added:  multi-agent systems are also an actor-like model 
that map nicely onto Erlang, but for some reason seem mostly to be 
developed in Java.  I expect a lot of the higher-level architectural 
models and design patterns for multi-agent systems would be trivial to 
implement in Erlang.

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