[erlang-questions] Pros and Cons OTP Release

Tim Watson <>
Mon Apr 30 14:37:18 CEST 2012

On 28 April 2012 17:19, Tilman Holschuh <> wrote:
> One further slight disadvantage of using releases you cannot add as easily a new application to your release. Say you have your production system running for a while and now you want to run redbug because you found a problem. If it was not contained in your release you have to manually add it somehow.

Although funnily enough, I would've thought that redbug was the
exception to the rule, as eper has (at least) support for shipping
modules to a remote machine when using prf:start/3 - does this not
work with redbug also? Anyway, it's a valid point for adding many
other applications nonetheless.


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