[erlang-questions] [Dialyser] Type parametrized behaviours

Francesco Mazzoli <>
Thu Apr 26 01:12:13 CEST 2012

Hi Kostis,

Thanks for your answer. I'll probably try to produce something more 
precise when I have time, but me and Matthew gave more precise use cases 
further in the thread, which hopefully clarify things (they did for 

> If I understand what you are sketching correctly, the problem I see is
> that since there will be no definition for state() in the behaviour
> module, that module will impose no constraints on what state() can be.

No, my problem is that I want to defer the decision of state() to the 
*implementing* behaviours, not the behaviour specs itself.

> Thus, your example is semantically equivalent to:
> -callback step(X) -> Y.

I don't follow you here, and I'm not sure what semantics you're 
referring to... My example was just an example of a function with an 
argument of a given type which returns something of the same type, 
nothing more. The rest of your post follows these premises, so I'm not 
sure what you're suggesting.


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