[erlang-questions] How to handle a massive amount of UDP packets?

John-Paul Bader <>
Tue Apr 17 22:40:29 CEST 2012

First of all we will share the code once we have some confidence that 
our benchmarks are indeed doing something meaningful. Right now its all 
a bit messy and the code changes frequently.

Now while we have implemented the client in erlang we have monitored 
everything with:

netstat -w 1 -p udp -n
while true; do netstat -p udp -n -s; sleep 1; done
systat -ifstat 1

 From netstat's point of view it looked like our client was working 
perfectly. Also the client was started in a different vm.

We have already thought about a proper c client but since the erlang 
client seemed to work fine we didn't put our thoughts into action yet.

~ John

Max Lapshin wrote:
> Can you show your code in client?
> If it is not written in C, then you are benchmarking your client. You
> should test simultaneous packet arrival and it will be hard to do if
> you use recursive function sending on client.

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