[erlang-questions] How to speed up mnesia startup?

Kyungho Yun <>
Thu Apr 12 10:35:37 CEST 2012

It usually takes 50 minutes to startup mnesia.
It is too long.

Here is my conditions:
  - DB exists local
  - more than 60000 tables
  - sum size is about 28 Giga Bytes.
  - most tables created options with record_name, attributes(and
record_info()) and disc_only_copies.
  - startup after normal exit (not crash)
  - R14B04, no_table_loaders 10000

I've searched many websites, read documents here and other places, changed
but the elapse of mnesia startup wasn't decrease.

Here is what I controlled:
  - ulimit -n
  - no_table_loader, +A, +K, +P, +zdbbl, dc_dump_limit
  - add option local_content when create table
  - io schedule type

finally, I am curious mnesia I/O ability.
few blocks/s value(about 2000) is shown in iostat during mnesia startup,
but it's very big blocks/s value (bigger than 100000) is shown during copy

How to speed up mnesia startup?
Tell me a clue please.

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