[erlang-questions] broadcast message to all gen_server

AD <>
Tue Apr 10 21:37:52 CEST 2012

Hey All,

 I have a situation where i am trying to handle a case where I am using
sockjs and need to send a message to each sockjs session_server (which is a
gen_server).  I am using gproc() but I cant simply do a gproc_send() b/c
the message ends up in handle_info() instead of properly in handle_call().
 I have managed to work this out, when receiving a message from rabbitmq i
do a gproc:lookup_pids() and then loop through each pid and do a
gen_server:call(PID,Message).  The issue is this is a linear process, is
there a way to handle sending gen_server:call() to all the processes
concurrently ?

 One way i thought of doing this is having a lightweight set of "listener"
processes each mapped to a socjks session process and then use gproc() to
broadcast to the lightweight process which would in turn send a

Any thoughts?

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