[erlang-questions] Erlang based Web Stack

Kannan <>
Tue Apr 10 11:38:21 CEST 2012

Dear Serge,

Depends on what kind of transcoding. My work is in streaming servers and we
> do a lot of transcoding (VOD files and live streams). We never needed
> anything other than executing VLC or ffmpeg with os:cmd or open_port.

There you hit the nail on the head. ffmpeg is a great tool for transcoding,
and it is on top our options list. It is used by Mbuni, an opensource MMS
gateway, too.

> One thing I really love about erlang that no other technology has is that
> you can run your servers in a console. We execute erlang with dtach. This
> means we can at any time, log in to  a machine, attach to the erlang server
> and see what is going on.

Definitely connecting to the VM shell through the pipe is something unique
to Erlang, and most of the time we used it to execute commands that are
special. We always discouraged our developers from using pipe for
monitoring live commercial systems, as it huts the performance of the
systems. Instead we used erlang.logs. For debugging a test system,
certainly, this is a great thing.

Thanks for your inputs, and you are all about a good solution, even with
the previous post on the same thread.

Kind Regards,
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