[erlang-questions] file module - missing raw operations?

Joseph Wayne Norton <>
Tue May 31 11:53:13 CEST 2011

Hello.  I have a question indirectly related to the patch below.

During a recent performance benchmarking exercise, we learned that a  
subset of the file module's operations do not have an raw i/o API.


Is this omission accidental or deliberate?  Could new APIs be added to the  
file module in the future?


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From: "Henrik Nord" <>
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Subject: Re: [erlang-patches] Discrepancy in prim_file
Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 18:40:32 +0900

On 05/28/2011 11:17 AM, Stavros Aronis wrote:
> Details in the commit message:
>    git fetch git://github.com/aronisstav/otp.git prim-file-fix
> I've tested this patch by running:
> - the test suite kernel/prim_file_SUITE
> - the experimental version of Dialyzer that discovered the discrepancy
> (nearly all of the warnings in
> http://dialyzer.softlab.ntua.gr/intersection/disco and all the
> warnings in http://dialyzer.softlab.ntua.gr/intersection/otp-erts stem
> from this discrepancy. Other applications affected include OTP kernel
> and ssl, hibari, scalaris and yaws.)
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Thank you Stavros

I have included this in 'pu', and will let it cook for a few days.


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