[erlang-questions] Question of mailing list subscription

DS <>
Sun May 29 13:07:35 CEST 2011

On 28 May 2011, at 1:23, Andy W. Song wrote:
> 2. I want to use different display names for different purposes, such as I want to be "Bob" when I am talking to friends and want to be "John" when I post to erlang-questions. 

Expect many difficulties and inconveniences when trying to do this sort of trickery with GMail.  I use different names for different purposes; I tried to do it through GMail and finally gave up.

GMail not only rewrites the "MAIL FROM:<>" SMTP command, like some (but not all) mail relays do, but also has a bad habit of tampering with "From:" and other mail message headers that IMO should be left alone.  It will also reveal your true GMail account name to any recipient.  Google's point seems to be that GMail is not and does not want to be a full mail relay.

As Mr. Moffitt suggests, you might need to look at more than just the "From:" and/or "To:" headers to correctly filter your incoming mail.


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