[erlang-questions] How to use Pman for looking at process state

Bengt Kleberg <>
Tue May 17 12:46:29 CEST 2011


If there is no way to use pman for this I recommend dbg. Trace on


On Tue, 2011-05-17 at 12:41 +0200, Ivan Uemlianin wrote:
> Dear All
> I'm using Pman to look at a running erlang application.  Many of the 
> processes are running functions in receive loops like the following:
> myFunc(State) ->
>      receive
>          % some clauses defining NewState
>      end,
>      myFunc(NewState).
> Tracing a process allows me to see the messages received by and sent 
> from the process.  Is there any way I can see the value of State?  If 
> not, is there another to see the value of process variables?
> With thanks and best wishes
> Ivan

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