[erlang-questions] gproc_dist activation

Gregory Haskins <>
Tue May 17 04:37:18 CEST 2011

Hi Mike,

On 5/16/11 9:13 PM, Mike Oxford wrote:
> I seem to be stuck in "local_only" mode, testing on a single stand-alone
> node.
> I do not see where I can force an election, and get access to gproc_dist.
> What is the recommended way to move from local to global?

You need to ensure that you set the "gproc_dist" environment variable on
the "gproc" app to something appropriate.  You can use 'all', an
explicit list of the nodes, or point it at a seed node which IIUC will
gossip the membership of the others.

For instance:

-gproc gproc_dist 'all'
-gproc gproc_dist "{[], [{seed, ''}]}"

Kind Regards,

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