[erlang-questions] reltool optimal-minimal config

Håkan Mattsson hm@REDACTED
Fri May 13 14:34:49 CEST 2011

2011/5/13 Damian Dobroczyński <qoocku@REDACTED>:
> Hi List!
> I'm trying to generate a release (via rebar) and an empty (for me at
> least) release containing only kernel, stdlib and sasl includes the
> following (among others) applications:
> gs
> edoc
> wx
> xmerl
> Should they really BE or is it some bug in the application dependencies
> algorithm?

Yes, I believe that the tool works as expected.
Start the reltool GUI and inspect the dependencies.
Then you for example will see that hipe uses gs.
wx is used by dialyzer, reltool and the debugger.

> By the way: what does "application implicit inclusion"
> (mentioned in docs) REALLY means? Is it "{applications, [...]}" section
> in *.app file or a function from a module used in one of another
> application module function?

reltool uses BOTH .app files as well as beam files as source
when it determines dependencies.


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