[erlang-questions] [Erlang-Q]How to configure Nitrogen webserver with http port 80

Barco You <>
Sat May 7 04:51:12 CEST 2011

Dear All,

After installing Nitrogen webserver and when startup it with "$nitrogen
console", I can visit the localhost successfully with "http://localhost:8000",
but I hope to use the default http port 80. When I edit the file
/etc/inets_httpd.erleven as following, I got a crash error as below. Could
you please instruct me how to change the port correctly? thanks!

    {port, 80},
    {bind_address, {0,0,0,0}},
    {server_name, "nitrogen"},
    {server_root, "./"},
    {document_root, "./site/static"},
    {error_log, "./log/inets.log"},
    {modules, [nitrogen_inets]},

    {mime_types, [
        {"css", "text/css"},
        {"js", "text/javascript"},
        {"html", "text/html"}

=ERROR REPORT==== 7-May-2011::10:49:19 ===
Failed initiating web server:
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