[erlang-questions] File size limits on file:write_file and file:write?

Tony Rogvall <>
Wed May 4 14:33:25 CEST 2011

On 4 maj 2011, at 13.49, Dave Challis wrote:

> On 04/05/11 12:45, Ahmed Omar wrote:
>> You wanted file:write_file/2 i guess
> Oops, that was a mistake in the original post.
> I've tried both:
> file:write_file("/tmp/foo", Data).

Nearly the same thing as below.

> and
> {ok, Fp} = file:open("/tmp/foo", [write]).
> file:write(Fp, Data).
> Both give {error,badarg} when Data > 2Gb, and write the file fine otherwise.

Looks like the problem is in beam/utils/io_list_len.
io_list_len returns an int, which is 32 bit on x64_64.
The return type should probably be Sint, but the all calls to io_list_len must
be updated accordingly.

Workaround: write in smaller chunks.


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