[erlang-questions] GPL3 - EPL compatibility

Nicolas Niclausse <>
Tue May 3 14:36:11 CEST 2011

Roberto Majadas Lopez ecrivait le 26/04/2011 20:40:
> 2011/4/26 Jesse Gumm < <mailto:>>
>     You're free to release a program under any license you want.  The EPL
>     pertains to the Erlang language itself, not necessarily to programs
>     written in Erlang.
> But if i use erlang crypto server or another one released under EPL . 
> can this relationship be considered dynamic link ?



If i understand well, if you use a library not included in the erlang VM
and not compatible with the GPL, it can be a problem.

For tsung (GPL also), as suggested in the FAQ, i added an explicit
exception giving permission to link with EPL libs, to avoid any license


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