[erlang-questions] QLC question

Chris Hicks <>
Mon May 2 21:50:17 CEST 2011

I've got a record nested within a record like this:
{account_wrapper, "Username", {account_data, ...}}
And what I want to do is use QLC to search that inner record and see if someone already has chosen a nickname for an account during registration. However, since I've never used QLC before I wanted to start out slow and just get a feel, creating more complex QLC's as I went along until I got where I wanted to go. First I tried this:
mnesia:activity(transaction, fun() -> qlc:eval(qlc:q([{A, B, C} || Wrapper <- mnesia:table(accounts), {A, B, C} <- Wrapper])) end, []).
I just wanted to make sure I understood how to unpack data structures...however I keep getting a qlc error:
** exception exit: {aborted,{badarg,[{qlc,eval,                                          [{error,qlc,                                                  {1,qlc,{used_generator_variable,'Wrapper'}}},                                           []]},                                     {mnesia_tm,apply_fun,3},                                     {mnesia_tm,execute_transaction,5},                                     {mnesia,wrap_trans,6},                                     {erl_eval,do_apply,5},                                     {shell,exprs,7},                                     {shell,eval_exprs,7},                                     {shell,eval_loop,3}]}}     in function  mnesia:wrap_trans/6

Now from everything I've read...I thought I'd be able to use the Wrapper variable later on in the query as a generator...thus allowing me to unpack things. Why would this be giving me an error? If I change it to:
mnesia:activity(transaction, fun() -> qlc:eval(qlc:q([{A, B, C} || {A, B, C} <- mnesia:table(accounts)])) end, []).
It works just fine and returns the record...and I can successfully match the pattern {A, B, C} with the account_wrapper record elsewhere. So what am I missing?
Chris Hicks.
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