[erlang-questions] Internal mechanism of monitor

Thomas Anderson <>
Tue Mar 29 08:34:19 CEST 2011

I read some articles talking about erlang and am caught attention by
erlang's intrinsically fault tolerance features.

In the paper `Making reliable distributed system in the presence of
software error,' it explains error handling with e.g links and
monitor. But it only refers to function such as link(), spwan_link(),
monitor(), etc., and some basic illustration about these two
functions. After searching on erlang.org as well as the internet I do
not find document or threads discussing its internal mechanism. For
instance, is it failure detector? Or does it collect metrics data
within a process? I also try to read the code obtained from
erlang.org, it seems erlang.erl is the right place to start from; but
because my limited knowledge to erlang (I am completely new to
function programming and erlang), I can not understand that very well.

So my question - is there any document or threads discussing internal
mechanism about such issue (in conceptual) about erlang? Or place
where there may contain such resource?

I appreciate any help.

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