[erlang-questions 68] starting and managing a resident erlang server on mac (or other OSs)

Joe Armstrong <>
Mon Mar 28 06:09:42 CEST 2011

I want to run a resident distributed erlang node on my macbook.
It should be started when I reboot my machine.
It should be restarted if it crashes. Nothing nasty should happen when I
the lid :-) (I guess I also need to "manage" the node occasional - so I'd
need some
remote control facilities)

What is "best practice" for doing this - does anybody maintain scripts of
this nature?

(aside it strikes me that this cannot be an uncommon problem - since we are
now in
uncharted "OS specific" territory it would be nice to know the answer to
this question
for all the other "popular" OSs - any tips ?)

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