[erlang-questions 65] Erlang/OTP configure can not find wxWidgets

Mojito Sorbet <>
Mon Mar 28 00:55:31 CEST 2011

I am installing the latest Erlang/OTP R14B02 on a new Ubuntu 10.10 
system. I have installed all the dependencies, including wxWidgets, 
which I need.

But when I run ./configure, it says it can not find the wx/stc/stc.h 
file, and so can not link the wx interface.

I have all the wx components installed that ought to include that, so I 
went looking for the file.  It is there, in /include.  But ./configure 
is looking for it somewhere else.  How do I convince it to look in the 
right place?

I installed wxWidgets using the Ubuntu package tool, which runs apt-get 
behind the scenes.

I had this working on Ubuntu 9.04 with a previous Erlang release, but do 
not remember how I did it.

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