[erlang-questions] edown update - MarkEdoc added

Ulf Wiger ulf.wiger@REDACTED
Wed Mar 23 17:40:26 CET 2011

I cloned gen_smtp, added the edown deps and options to rebar.config and called ./rebar compile doc

It didn't blow up. Using OTP R14B.

diff --git a/rebar.config b/rebar.config
index 05d2462..8f05e33 100644
--- a/rebar.config
+++ b/rebar.config
@@ -3,3 +3,5 @@
 {erl_opts, [fail_on_warning, debug_info, warn_unused_vars, warn_unused_import, warn_
 {cover_enabled, true}.
 {cover_print_enabled, true}.
+{deps, [{edown, ".*", {git, "git://github.com/esl/edown.git", "HEAD"}}]}.
+{edoc_opts, [{doclet, edown_doclet}]}.

(I did try with the added options given in my original post, but still no crash.)

I'm not sure what we're doing differently, but I couldn't reproduce your problem.

Having said that, I'm sure there *are* corner cases where edown needs work, so I'll happily receive more examples of where it falls short so I can improve it.

Ulf W

On 23 Mar 2011, at 17:27, Ulf Wiger wrote:

> On 23 Mar 2011, at 17:21, Andrew Thompson wrote:
>> I tried to add this to gen_smtp (https://github.com/Vagabond/gen_smtp)
>> and it blows up with:
>> [interesting blowup snipped]
>> So I'm assuming I've got some edge case you didn't consider.
> Looks like it. Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it.
> BR,
> Ulf W
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