[erlang-questions] Erlangers in Montreal?

Ahmed Al-Saadi <>
Sun Mar 20 09:40:17 CET 2011

Hi Kaiduan:

I am relatively new to Erlang as I have been doing most of my recent 
development in Python. Ever since I heard Tim Bray at a software 
conference discuss the problem of parallelization of computing, I have 
been searching for a solution. Erlang is *that* solution par excellence! 
Also, I find the idea of functional programming appealing not only as an 
enabler of parallel computing, but also as a design tool as it lends 
itself well to mathematical/logical concepts which appeal to my 
engineering background.

So, yes, I am also passionate about Erlang :) I have been re-writing my 
company web site using Zotonic, a super-fast Erlang web CMS and, like 
you, have started an XMPP project that uses ejabberd, though haven't 
started hacking the source-code.

I have created a google group () to 
serve as a hotbed for ideas and a channel through which local meetings 
can be organized. I tried to create erlang-canada, but that name was 
taken and I contacted the owner to see if it can be used to start 
similar groups in different Canadian cities.

I invite you, Todd, Fred, Francis and everyone else to join 
erlang-montreal; if anything, it'll give you an excuse to visit a cool 
city with vibrant software communities.


On 3/18/11 10:15 PM, Kaiduan Xie wrote:
> Ahmed,
> Although I am not in Montreal, I am passionate to Erlang in Waterloo,
> Ontario. In my person time, I am writing an Erlang SIP proxy, hacking
> Ejabberd. And in work I am trying to push Erlang to my company.
> How about you? Can you share your story with Erlang?
> Best regards,
> /Kaiduan
> On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 3:59 PM, Ahmed Al-Saadi<>  wrote:
>> Hi:
>> Any local Erlang users group in the Montreal area (Canada)? If not, anyone
>> interested in starting one up?
>> Cheers,
>> Ahmed
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