More Erlang Newbie Tutorials

Todd <>
Fri Mar 18 16:14:32 CET 2011

I've been continuing to work on entry level tutorials as I learn Erlang. 
They are posted here:

* Episode-00 : Configure a VMWare guest vm
* Episode-02 : Create a basic Erlang App
* Episode-03 : Create a 'Time Server' App
* Episode-04 : Create a Webmachine Demo App (Webmachine Part I)
* Episode-05 : Create a Webmachine Rest Endpoint (Webmachine Part 2)

Comments are warmly encouraged. Also, could someone point me at a good 
example of the proper use of try/catch? I'm approaching Erlang from a 
Java background, and I'd like to understand the proper way to use 
exceptions and errors here.


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