One minor mismatch between code and documentation for dbg:trace_client()

Kaiduan Xie <>
Fri Mar 18 02:19:26 CET 2011

Hi, all,

I just found a mismatch between the code and the documentation of
dbg:trace_client(). From
it says,

trace_port(Type, Parameters) -> fun()

Type = ip | file
Parameters = Filename | WrapFilesSpec | IPPortSpec
IPPortSpec = PortNumber | {PortNumber, QueSize}

In fact, you can specify the hostname in the IPPortSpec from the code
in OTP-R14B01,

trace_client(ip, Portno) when is_integer(Portno) ->
    trace_client1(ip, {"localhost", Portno}, {fun dhandler/2,user});
trace_client(ip, {Host, Portno}) when is_integer(Portno) ->
    trace_client1(ip, {Host, Portno}, {fun dhandler/2,user})

With the capability to specify host, it is very handy for remote tracing.

Please correct the documentation, thanks,


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