New release of QuickCheck

John Hughes <>
Thu Mar 17 15:54:09 CET 2011

Quviq is happy to announce the release of Quviq QuickCheck 1.24.1.

The two new features we are most excited by are:

1) We now have an interface to the McErlang model-checker, which makes it easy to generate random test cases and then execute them with McErlang, if you have it installed.

2) Test suite generation: QuickCheck users can now generate a FIXED test suite from a QuickCheck specification, which other people can then run without a licence. This enables open source developers, for example, to distribute QuickCheck properties together with their code, and allow any of their users in turn to test the properties in their own environment. Test suites can be generated randomly, to achieve maximum code coverage, or to cover any other user defined criteria. We believe this will provide substantial additional value.

As usual, the new version can be downloaded from

John Hughes

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