[neotoma] [ANN] Neotoma 1.5

Dmitrii Dimandt <>
Tue Mar 15 10:33:42 CET 2011


Is reia grammar available? Could make a great place to start learning from

> It's been a year coming, so I'm proud to announce a new version of
> Neotoma, the PEG/Packrat toolkit and parser-generator.  The primary
> feature of version 1.5 is that it uses significantly less memory and
> also supports UTF8 (via binaries), thanks to some awesome work by
> Graeme Defty, who has also converted Reia to use a PEG.
> You can get the latest source on Github: https://github.com/seancribbs/neotoma
> Neotoma is rebar-friendly as well, so adding it to a rebar project is
> a simple deps declaration like so:
>    {neotoma, "1.5", {git, "git://github.com/seancribbs/neotoma", {tag, "1.5"}}}
> Hope to see some of you at Erlang Factory SF next week.
> Cheers,
> Sean Cribbs

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