[erlang-questions] Re: Success Stories of Erlang Development

Alain O'Dea <>
Tue Mar 1 14:52:39 CET 2011

If you are using Django you may find Zotonic compelling.  I built http://verafin.com/ using it and Verafin was very pleased with the speed of development and the fast page loads of the site itself even though it is hosted on a low-end virtual private server.  I can only imagine the site on dedicated hardware...

On 2011-02-28, at 16:09, Marcos Ortiz <> wrote:

> Thanks a lot to everyone for the quick response.
> We are planning to use Erlang for several projects combined with other
> technologies like Django, Ruby on Rails, Apache Hadoop, etc.
> When I had everything in my hands, I will share on my blog all stuff.
> Thanks again
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