[erlang-questions] How to write a generic IRC client the OTP way?

Jon Watte jwatte@REDACTED
Thu Jun 30 05:12:27 CEST 2011

A client would call gen_server:call(ircclient, {nick, ale}) to set the
nickname for example.
The "Erlang Way" is said to be to export actual functions (setnick, getnick,
...) from the gen_server module public API, and have those functions do the
gen_server calls. This means that you can change the gen_server message
format without breaking compatibility.

Also, for synchronous calls (where you want the status), waiting the
necessary amount of time is pretty much what you expect to do. You *can*
make arrangements to use cast, and pass in a respond-to-PID parameter as
part of the request, but in most cases, that adds significant extra
complexity for very little benefit.

Note that gen_server:call also takes a timeout parameter -- it defaults to
5,000 milliseconds, so if the gen_server is "wedged" then the timeout will
kick in.



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