[erlang-questions] recommended redis client?

Knut Nesheim knut.nesheim@REDACTED
Tue Jun 28 10:12:10 CEST 2011

Hi Wilson,

As you say, there are a few options:

 * erldis, older, implements an API on top of redis(sets, lists,
dicts), not so good error handling(tries to reconnect on every
request, clients will pile up), not very good performance for
multibulk replies, maybe a bit bloated,
 * redo, very new, has support for pipelining requests, ie. performing
multiple requests in one go, no abstraction on top of redis, not so
good error handling (similar to erldis), probably good performance for
multibulk replies, used by heroku,
 * erl-redis, mature, implements pooling, sharding across databases,
never used myself, https://github.com/litaocheng/erl-redis
 * eredis, very new, focus on performance and error handling, no
abstraction on top of redis, no pubsub, used by wooga (online gaming),

(Disclaimer: I am the author of eredis)

For our use case, we want good performance and good error handling.
This is why we wrote eredis. The eredis repo contains eredis and
erldis drivers for basho bench, so you can run benchmarks on your own
hardware with your own queries and data. The error handling in eredis
allows us to loose the connection to redis, without having requests
timing out just waiting for it to come back up. It will try to
reconnect in the background, while still serving clients. We handle
sharding inside our application.


On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 5:11 AM, Wilson MacGyver <wmacgyver@REDACTED> wrote:
> there are a few redis clients for erlang.
> is there one that stands out from the rest? What do you use/recommend?
> Thanks
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