[erlang-questions] Status of Windows platform support in Erlang/OTP

Jani Hakala jani.j.hakala@REDACTED
Sat Jun 25 10:46:21 CEST 2011

Amy Lear <octopusfluff@REDACTED> writes:

> Interesting. Has the mingw32 team been approached on this deficiency?
At least I haven't approached. I think I just copied the definitions
from mingw-w64-headers.

>> I have been able to compile R14B0 using mingw32 but I haven't tested it
>> thoroughly.
> Did it take extensive changes?
Not in the actual code, most of the changes were related to Makefiles
etc., http://users.jyu.fi/~jahakala/R14B-mingw32.diff 

Jani Hakala

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