[erlang-questions] Charset conversion codec interface?

mmzeeman@REDACTED mmzeeman@REDACTED
Fri Jun 24 12:49:02 CEST 2011


I have to convert incoming data from a lot of different character
sets (iso8859-15, gb2312, ...) to utf8. Something Erlang isn't very good
at at the moment. I have been using  the iconv port library, which has
some problems. It doesn't handle chunks of data > 64kb, and a handy
interface to ignore missing characters and errors, multi-byte input
conversions are unreliable (because of the 64kb chunking). All fixable...
I want to spend some time to fix these shortcomings.

What I was wondering. Is there a preferred interface for an erlang codec
library. An EEP? Or are others working busy with this? A generic codec
interface would make things so much simpler for a lot of others too.

Kind regards,


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