[erlang-questions] strange badarith error

Anthony Shipman als@REDACTED
Thu Jun 23 13:06:51 CEST 2011

Today I was getting this occasional error while stress-testing:

23-Jun-2011 18:24:20.290| ERROR fleetDevMgr: device 38: The process for the 
device has exited for reason: {badarith,                                                                           
[{fleetDevImpl,qualFromDevice, 2},                                                                            
{fleetDevImpl, handle_cast, 2},                                                                            
{asn1rt_ber_bin, cindex, 3}]}

where the code in qualFromDevice is

case streamUtils:computeSTEPQuality(Q, true) of
{ok, RSUp, RSDown, RSUpBad, _, Blurb} ->
     ?DEBUG("fleetDevImpl: ~s: quality ~s", [deviceName(), Blurb]),

      T1 = State#state.traffic,
      T2 = T1#voiceTrafficStats{frameErr = (if RSUp == 0 -> 0.0; true -> 
RSUpBad/RSUp end)},

          currTraffic = {RSUp, RSDown},   % totals since the beginning of the 
          traffic     = T2,
          trafficChg  = true
_ ->

The only arithmetic in here is the division RSUpBad/RSUp and they are 
definitely integers. The DEBUG line is definitely executed.

The code has been compiled with Hipe in R12B4
Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.6.4 [source] [async-threads:0] [hipe] 

Is it possible I've got bad machine code here?

Why might asn1rt_ber_bin be in the stack trace when it isn't involved in this 
code at all?

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