[erlang-questions] problem setting up multi-node comm on Windows 7

Icarus Alive icarus.alive@REDACTED
Sat Jun 18 09:55:53 CEST 2011

What I would like to do is to set up communication between these 2 instances --

C:> erl -name abc@REDACTED -setcookie erlide
C:> erl -name xyz@REDACTED -setcookie erlide

however, when I try --

(abc@REDACTED)7> nodes().

I can successfully do this:-
C:> ping -4 FELIX.somedomainsomewhere.com
C:> tracert FELIX.somedomainsomewhere.com
which shows that the domain-name resolves fine.

Instead of "-name" if I do the same experiment with "-sname" and drop
the usage of host.FQDN, the result is same, i.e. a "pang" !

How do I get it to ping successfully ?

My whole investigation started from the "freeze"/"hang" issues with
usage of latest "erlide", and investigating, I found the eclipse to
erlide-backend communication to be the issue.


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