[erlang-questions] A big favor

Gilberio Carmenates García co7eb@REDACTED
Thu Jun 16 19:21:46 CEST 2011

Hi all, I now this is a bit wrong but some time we have no so much choices,
I have a little problem, I took on credit some money to improve my pc
because I needed it, 130 dollars, from a friend but he leaves the town soon
and I now he won’t took that back from me because he my friend but I don’t
want to be like that with him, I thought I could pay that soon but the trust
is that here is a bit hard to collect that count of money in less than four
month, I get 17 dollars at month and that is very difficult. What I wish is
if some of you can help me, I already have 30 dollars but miss 100, I need
help from some of you, it will very nice and I will be grateful all my live
and I hope to better my job and have better salary  and someday help some of




Ivan, the Cuban Erlang boy.






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