[erlang-questions] A PropEr announcement

Jon Watte jwatte@REDACTED
Thu Jun 16 08:48:30 CEST 2011

As a commercial entity with (unrelated) IP to protect, I may be able to USE
GPLv3 software, as long as I don't distribute to others (free or not), but
there is no way I can CONTRIBUTE to GPL v3, because of the uncertainty
around usage-based poisoning of patents and other IP.

Regarding "others may make money if it's MIT" -- so what? Is the point to
help the world in useful ways, or not? Useful things tend to make money. If
there's an alternate, commercially supported, non-gpl license available for
payment, that solves that problem, but if you won't make that available,
choosing gplv3 just means you choose *not* to help a large set of software

 On Jun 15, 2011 11:13 PM, "Max Lapshin" <max.lapshin@REDACTED> wrote:
> Damn, what a problem in GPL for a testing program?
> Guys just want to protect their investment, but want to make a free
> advertisement by offering their excelent product to community.
> If it would be MIT, they can see their work in commercial product
> without any profit for them.
> There is absolutely no problem in using GPL software to test your
> products: just don't include it into distribution.
> Tests are not part of PropEr, but if any of you is afraid of GPL
> virus, so don't include tests into your main repository: keep it
> separate.
> For example, I don't include test files for erlyvideo tests into
> repository, because I don't want accidential discussions with their
> potential copyright holders.
> Btw, about PropEr. It is so widely told, that it is a magic tool, that
> can remove all bugs in software, that I'm very interested to try it.
> I will try to find time for it and tell if it helped me with erlyvideo or
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