[erlang-questions] General help with unix sockets

Tom Samplonius tom@REDACTED
Sun Jun 12 08:08:32 CEST 2011

> my exim socket is working wonderfully but is it normal for it to
> immediately disconnect:
> server app:
> > ./ss
> Accepted connection! at ./ss line 51.
> GOT: test at ./ss line 86.
> Server session encountered read error 0: Normal disconnection.

Depends on your client.  Is the client closing the socket after each request?  That is somewhat normal for Unix sockets, as they are cheap to open again when needed.

And you mentioned you are using Exim as the client?  Exim forks for each message, so if Exim opens the socket for each message, it will close it when done.  Because Exim children just exit, when they are finished.


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