[erlang-questions] Compatability with VXWorks 5.4?

Fan, Victor fan3@REDACTED
Thu Jun 9 00:34:37 CEST 2011

I'm a summer student with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory evaluating a bunch of different embedded middleware solutions for some old VXWorks machines we have. One of the more ambitious proposals is a RabbitMQ + Erlang lashup, but I'm having trouble convincing Erlang/OTP to compile against a VXWorks 5.4 target. The provided VXWorks xconf files were written for the VXWorks 6.2 toolchain, and simply hacking out the paths and replacing them with the Wind 2.0 toolchain isn't working (./configure throws a fit because of its use of functions called "main" in its test suites, which doesn't mesh well with VXWorks).

Does anyone have experience or (even better!) a guide about getting Erlang running on an old VXWorks machine? It seems that people have managed to get older releases of OTP compiled to a 5.2/5.4 target, but RabbitMQ lists as a requirement a "relatively recent" version of Erlang.

-Victor Fan
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