[erlang-questions] Three useful libraries (do they exist?)

Zsolt Keszthelyi zsolt.erl@REDACTED
Mon Jun 6 19:23:06 CEST 2011

> >  SPF is normally handled by the MTA, and you didn't ask for an SMTP
> server library for Erlang.  If your MTA is not running in Erlang, it is
> probably better to leave DKIM and SPF up to your MTA.,
> Interesting, I will take a look at DKIM. I am using the excellent
> gen_smtp library to build some basic MTA functionality:
> https://github.com/Vagabond/gen_smtp
> I would like to have an email interface to my application without
> worrying too much about unauthorized users. I am hoping that SPF or
> DKIM will do the trick.
> --
> Evan Miller
> http://www.evanmiller.org/
Hi Evan,

Not sure how far away with your MTA, but I'm building a full MTA using
gen_smtp (with connection pooling, per domain throttling, several queues
optionally running on a cluster, web gui, etc.). Doing some testing in a
production env, right now then I'll put it up on github (
https://github.com/zsolt-erl). Maybe you can just add SPF handling to it.
I'm not sure if SPF is that much useful but I'll add dkim in the future (for
now I'm just using dkimproxy <http://dkimproxy.sourceforge.net> ).

Zsolt Keszthelyi
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