[erlang-questions] image app?

Raoul Duke raould@REDACTED
Wed Jun 1 20:36:06 CEST 2011


no i have no free time to do this myself :-( and yes i asked this same
question on the Lift list, since i would guess Erlang and Lift
communities are the most likely to have non-suckful apps :-)

so i've been searching high and low for an image storage and
categorization system that doesn't suck. i've checked out the top
online image places (flickr, imageshack, photobucket, et. al.) and
inevitably they have some super stunningly stupid suckful aspect to
them that makes me want to scream. i've started to check out some
off-the-shelf turn-key roll-your-own image cms's that i could plonk
down on my home server and just say 'screw it' to the issues of backup
and bandwidth for now -- it is more urgent for me to just find a
usable user interface for managing things. but then i worry about
putting some random php system on my machine - like that isn't just
begging to get hacked that way.

so. does such an image app beast happen to exist in Erlang-land?

i bet i can draw up a short product spec for free (that's a little
joke. i'd actually charge $80/hour. ok, ok, that's a joke too.) about
what i'd want in a system... :-)

sincerely hoping it can't hurt to ask...

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