[erlang-questions] file systems events mac -> erlang

Todd Greenwood <>
Wed Jun 1 17:00:24 CEST 2011

Another approach would be to use the mac replacement for cron, called 
launchd. Your script can be launched by events such as cron-like 
calendar intervals (StartCalendarInterval), file changes (WatchPaths), 
mounts added/removed (StartOnMount), network stuff (Sockets), etc:


Here's a tutorial for backing up w/ launchd:


On 6/1/11 12:54 AM, jm wrote:
> It appears to be called "FSEvents"
> http://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/Darwin/Conceptual/FSEvents_ProgGuide/Introduction/Introduction.html
> I don't know of an erlang interface for it. I did the original
> erlang-inotify, but am no longer maintaining it. It would be interesting
> to add support for max os x and that other platform.
> Jeff.
> On 1/06/11 5:45 PM, Joe Armstrong wrote:
>> I want write a backup program for my macbook
>> Once I have backed up *everything* which takes a while
>> I then want to backup "changed files." Rather than re-scanning
>> my entire disk I'd like to be informed when a file changes.
>> Is there an erlang interface to the "file system events API" in the mac?
>> (or something like inotify) or a background daemon that writes the
>> names of all changed files
>> to a log.
>> /Joe
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