[erlang-questions] Distributed publish/subscribe system

Jerome Martin <>
Thu Jan 27 16:51:51 CET 2011

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 4:19 PM, Malcolm Spence <> wrote:

> Thanks for the comments Jerome.

Thank you for taking my comment so peacefully.

> We are an open source  software engineering shop. We integrate disparate
> systems for a living. If we did not have open source we would not be able to
> do a lot of what we do.  We try to not to argue with clients over their past
> technology choices. We just try to make them work.

I understand your position. It is an honorable business stance. Please note
that my comment was not targeting OSS vs non OSS, but more the pervasiveness
in the "industry" of methodologies and techniques for mostly the wrong
reasons, from a purely technical standpoint (better marketing does not make
a solution better at problem-solving). I realize that there are probably a
lot of different reasons for one individual to adopt or support those, and
it is not my intent to judge or criticize those. However, I have to admit I
have an epidermic reaction to what I feel is a regression compared to the
state of art in CS, and even more so when I see advocacy for such technology
choice on this mailing list.

> This paper is example of us sharing our thoughts with others in case they
> run into similar situations.  Our "Middleware Newsbrief" and our more OO
> language and tools oriented "Tech Trends" are ways in which we try to
> encourage fact based discussion with example code and observations.

Nice. If only you applied just that to technology that solves more problems
than it creates (and no, I won't even attempt to prove that, it is an
obvious exaggeration to make my point :-) ), I would be a big fan!

> We are not advocating one technology over another. We like to understand
> the problem before offering a solution. And will readily admit no solution
> is perfect. In fact we do like to temper people's expectations when we first
> engage because we are pragmatists.

Again, this is a most honorable stance.

Jérôme Martin

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