Project for erlang beginers

shk <>
Sat Jan 22 18:08:20 CET 2011


I'm erlang beginner programmer. The best theory it is practice. Ant that's i
start new project for myself and maybe other erlang beginners. I want to
write pop3/smtp server in erlang to increase my skills in erlang and i want
to invite to take part in development/testing erlang beginner programmers as
i to take more experience.

The project - epmail . 

Now i implemet simple connection to the pop3 server and pop3 command
parsing. Now i make mail store. Now it'll be in Maildir format, but then
i'll plan to add supporting some db for mail storage. I think we together
can to make cool and usefull project.

For erlang professional i want to say not strongly scold my code :) I learn
erlang about month, but i constantly improve my erlang knowledge. I shall be
very glad to criticism my code. 

In general who are interested, please feel free to join at project.

Thank you.
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