[erlang-questions] Erlang project dependency management/build tools

Tim Watson <>
Fri Jan 21 22:10:13 CET 2011

> Eric,
>> Dependencies have to be declared in the *.app files of your OTP
>> Applications according to the OTP standard. Sinan uses this
>> information to build a list of dependencies  for your project, and
>> resolve that to a the actual versioned dependencies....

And this is something I don't understand. If I have a dependency on a
library (say its called libutils) and I put a dependency in the
{applications,[]} tuple of my project's app file - what happens!? The
application cannot launch because the OTP application module does not
understand that this is a library dependency (and not an application)
and therefore tries to start the application, which fails because it's
not an application. If you used a custom tuple in the project's .app
file (say {libs, [...]} for example) then this would work fine and the
OTP application module would just ignore it.

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