[erlang-questions] Re: mnesia memory usage on 32 and 64 bits machines

Hynek Vychodil <>
Fri Jan 21 13:06:42 CET 2011

If I remember right There was announced nice optimization of Erlang
process heap using 32 "pointers" on 64-bit architecture on SFO Erlang
Factory last year and I believe it is included in R14B version. Anyway
I'm not sure and didn't verify.

On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 10:52 AM, franz <> wrote:
> I admit I was tempted by the 32-bits architecture. As I'm developing a
> mnesia-centric distributed application I thought that using 32-bits machine
> would have reduced the ram consumption and the access speed. So I developed
> some tests to be run on two identical servers, one running a 32-bits kernel
> and erlang, the other 64-bits.
> And everything went fine, until I bumped into the "maximum heap size for
> 32-bit machines", which I was unaware of: when a mnesia table exceeds 3GB
> erlang crashes saying <<erlang eheap_alloc: Cannot allocate xxx bytes of
> memory (of type "heap")>>.
> In conclusion, for anyone wondering, I think I'm going 64.
> Regards,
> franz
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