Gproc and gen_leader questions

Garret Smith <>
Tue Jan 18 18:28:44 CET 2011

I am investigating gproc and gen_leader for further improving my
distributed application that today uses dist_ac.

I have been doing a bit of testing through interactive shells and some
spotty code reading.  2 questions and a request for guidance...

Based on some recent threads, I have been testing Abecciu's gen_leader
from the gen_leader_revival repository.
The warning in the doc mentioning that "only one gen_leader per node
is permitted, if used in a diskless
environment, incarnation must be adapted." was a little unclear.  This
warning only applies to diskless nodes,
since incarnation uses the registered name as part of the incarnation file?

Regarding gproc, I was hoping to use the global registration facility,
but the warning in the overview has me worried.
Since gproc comes bundled with an older version of gen_leader, will
replacing the bundled version with the latest
from Abecciu fix global registration, or is there more to be done?

gproc_dist is starting gen_leader with [node()|nodes()] which means
that only already-connected nodes will be
included in the global registry.  I am thinking of adding a gproc
config setting that will allow to control this, so that
nodes not online when gproc starts can be included in the global
registry.  Any guidance on this?

Garret Smith

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