[erlang-questions] about the use of parametrized modules

Roberto Ostinelli <>
Sat Jan 15 02:46:56 CET 2011

there you have the answer to your original question, paolo: you should
not consider using parametrized modules, because that's not the erlang
way of doing things. maybe that's why, even after all these years and
increased support to them, parametrized modules are still referred to
as being 'experimental'. so, you should not use them. in fact, if you
like them and are considering using them, you should probably stick to
ruby, python, java or whatever language you come from, and forget


well, i must say that i am not surprised that many readers of this
newsgroup simply do not publicly intervene in many of the discussions
that go on here.

maybe it's just me, but i do often feel that i'm not reading opposable
opinions of healthy discussions but THE TRUTH (TM), in such a way that
you can only be slapped in the face for whatever you do which sounds a
little out of schemes.

there are languages born to mix OO programming with functional
paradigms, such as scala. fortunately, the world, people and languages
evolve, sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worse, but it's a
fact that we are no longer speaking aztec, ancient greek nor latin
currently in our countries. thanks to that, we can at least express
ourselves in this newsgroup in a common language, english.

thank you robert [virding] for saying "I personally don't like it",
when referred to this technique. a true example of a respectful
opinion, coming from a person whose knowledge and experience on erlang
is barely imaginable by most of us all.

i'd simply would love not having the impression that some things
cannot be discussed in this list. there's no need to express harsh
feelings or absolute positions and, most of all, creativity and
communities need new blood, open code, libraries, and support.

cheers to you all, and happy coding.



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