[erlang-questions] about the use of parametrized modules

Roberto Ostinelli <>
Fri Jan 14 18:05:57 CET 2011

> What prevent you add SockedPid to Req
> It already contain socket and socket_mode, why not SockedPid?

the fact that SocketPid shouldn't be used by developers, the rest, yes.

> and I want to see implementation of function file. Where I should
> look? I have to know *out of band* information that I should look to
> misultin_req module. I have to look for. I have to find. Why the hell
> is code encrypted? It same applies to mochiweb. I have to spend
> nontrivial time find out the module of implementation every time
> someone use parametrized module. It hurts. It hurts users of your code
> absolutely uselessly.

i'm sorry to read that it did hurt you so bad. i'll be interested to
read how many users of this code actually *use* it, and how many do
spend time in walking through the code. i do get your point, though,
and as i've said, it's a matter of tradeoffs.


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