[erlang-questions] about the use of parametrized modules

Robert Virding <>
Fri Jan 14 01:05:00 CET 2011

----- "Paolo Negri" <> wrote:

> Looking at the misultin source code [1] I noticed the use of a
> parametrized module, after googling about it I came to the conclusion
> that there's something controversial about them [2] and that it seems
> to be appealing mainly people coming from OO background [3].
> I'm considering applying this technique but before doing so I'd like
> to know if isn't a deprecated approach and in general if it's
> considered a bad practice.
> I'm curious because I don't remember seeing parametrized modules used
> in Joe Armstron's or Francesco Cesarini's books.

The main reason they don't mention it is because it is still only experimental and not part of the language. It is very controversial and often discussions about it pop up in erlang-questions. I personally don't like it.


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