[erlang-questions] We need a better marketing division :-)

Torben Hoffmann <>
Thu Jan 13 10:24:18 CET 2011

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General observation on a fundamental difference between Scala and Erlang
regarding the supporting organisations (as I see it, YMMV):

   - Scala was born out of an academic environment where there is a strong
   tradition for applying for grants to support research.
   - Erlang was born in a private company trying to solve a problem they had
   and was only later released as open source.

And right now most Erlangers are busy trying to solve real world problems in
order to make money so applying for this type of grants is not on the top of
the agenda.

I am - and would suggest to other to do the same - looking at areas where
Erlang could be used to solve a fundamental problem in that domain and there
are in fact a lot of grants and/or public funding hanging around.

Right now Green IT - in particular Energy Management - seems like an area
where Erlang would be a good tool and there are plenty of grants and public
funding floating around... just check various EU pages.


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