Erlang/OTP and HPC Re: [erlang-questions] FPGA coming around the corner

Kenji Rikitake <>
Fri Jan 7 07:40:48 CET 2011

My understanding is that the most of high-performance computing people
are tackling different problems from the one Erlang/OTP addresses.
And existing code pieces there are mostly in C++ or FORTRAN.
Quite a few HPC supercomputers have already explored GPUs and their own
CPU chipsets (e.g., IBM Blue Gene).

I suggest you to take a look at an explanation of one of the highest
performance of running computer systems, TSUBAME 2.0, in Tokyo Institute
of Technology, to find out what sort of computer systems are fitting the
requirement of the HPC people.

I'd like to hear about what kind of contribution Erlang/OTP can make to
the HPC community too.  I'm not an HPC specialist at all, but dealing
with the multicore environment Erlang/OTP might surely has a role to
work well with the other HPC programming frameworks (OpenMP, MPI, etc.)_

In fact, quite a few supercomputers now accept general programming
languages; I use my employer Kyoto University's Supercomputer Thin
Cluster as a 64bit Linux test environment for my own code.

Kenji Rikitake

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