Re: Re: [erlang-questions] Erlang + Emacs + Distel on windows

info info@REDACTED
Thu Jan 6 18:46:01 CET 2011

I already updated my .emacs file for distel.
I defined in c:\ documents and settings\administrator the .erlang_cookie file.
*** Is it the correct directory for the erlang cookie ? ***
I opened an erl module in emacs.
I opened a shell window, I checked node(). = emacs@REDACTED, I checked erlang:get_cookie().
I compiled the erl module by c("mymodule",[debug_info]).
I connected to the node emacs by c-c c-d n.
*** error in process filter: Opening input file: no such file or directory, c:/.erlang.cookie ***
I moved the .erlang.cookie file in c:
I connected to the node emacs by c-c c-d n.
*** no error message ***
I reloaded the module by c-c c-d L
Distel Warning: node emacs@REDACTED can't seem to load the `distel' module.
This means that most Distel commands won't function correctly, because
the supporting library is not available. Please check your node's code
path, and make sure that Distel's "ebin" directory is included.
The most likely cause of this problem is either:
  a) Your ~/.erlang file doesn't add Distel to your load path (the
     Distel "make config_install" target can set this up for you.)
  b) Your system's boot script doesn't consult your ~/.erlang file to
     read your code path setting.
To disable this warning in future, set `distel-inhibit-backend-check' to t.

.erlang file doesn't exist !

I created it with .emacs because windows doesn't accept a file beginning with a dot.
I insert this line:

make config_install seems to be a linux command ?
*** How can I progress ?
*** My .beam files are not in /distel-4.03/ebin

I am not the first one to use distel and erlang on windows !!!

J-Ph. Constantin
ITS3 Genève

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